About Us

History of Atlanta Medicare

Atlanta Medicare Company Limited was founded in 2007. Mr. Suphadej Amnuaysakul established a pharmaceutical business in Bangkok, Thailand,
with commercial leadership in HIV.
Atlanta medicare Company Limited aspire to be the most recognized in sales & marketing and also distribution in pharmaceutical business in Thailand.
We are committed to sourcing the best quality of pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines, medical devices and consumer healthcare products from worldwide by enabling people to have a new chance in medical treatment and have a better health and better life. 

Atlanta Medicare


  • Staying close to the Thai Key Opinion Leaders and bring to them what they need
  • Locate the Right Principals who have Innovative & Value Added Products for Thailand
  • Register Products with our Learned Quality In-house Regulatory team
  • Organize Quantum of Innovative Activities to Build Long Term Brands for our Principals
  • Invest in our delighting High Service Functional Teams to bring the Best out of them

Company Overview

  • Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Incorporated in 2007
  • Started operations in January 2008
  • A Marketing & Distribution company
  • 21 Bangkok Sales Representatives
  • 39 Up-country Sales Representatives


  • First Generic Tenofovir in the Country in HIV and Hep B
  • First TDF/FTC and TDF/FTC/EFV in the country
  • First to launch BRCAnalaysis from Myriad
  • Fist to launch a 25 Gene Panel Test – myRisk
  • Breast Cancer Molecular Expression Test similarly for Prostate
  • First to launch Suplasyn 1-Shot
  • First to launch PVDF range of Meshes for Hernia,
    Pelvic Repair and Stress/Urge Incontinence
  • Successfully doing four CMEs each year since 2010
  • Lot of firsts are in the Pipeline

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